Monday, November 2, 2009

MacBook Nub

I got my MacBook on Friday, and I've been enjoying learning about all its Mac-y weirdness. I've found a ton of things the Mac does better than any of the PCs I've used, here's a short list:
  • The power adapter light turns green when the battery is charged
  • Program installation is so easy, just drag a file to /Applications
  • A reasonable amount of software comes pre-installed
  • The design of the laptop is beautiful
  • The screen is way, way brighter than I could ever need
  • The multi-touch touchpad is extremely convenient
  • The magsafe adapter is something everyone should copy
However, there are negatives:
  • The laptop came with OS X 10.5 preinstalled and a 10.6 disk for some reason. Why wasn't 10.6 just installed already?
  • It's impossible to drag an item up very far with the touchpad because the hinge for "clicking" is at the top and quickly overwhelms your accuracy-strained finger
  • I don't like the keyboard, I like the one on my Dell laptop a million times more.
  • The arrow keys are squished :(
  • The mouse acceleration is all goofy, it's like it was designed for people who value the ability to select a specific pixel over people who just want to click buttons
I'm also confused, why is Apple able to provide so many programs out-of-box with a Mac and OS X, but it's an anti-trust issue if Microsoft does it? As someone on SA pointed out, Linux can read MS Office files out of the box, but MS Windows can't.

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