Sunday, June 6, 2010

KittyBall evolved!

The evolution of KittyBall, in screenshots (all art is done by the lovely and talented Sarah Householder):

(March 28, 2010)
The very first prototype, just some debug lines with Box2d physics, and placeholder art. Creates lines just in time as you move to the right, crashes after 30 or so lines:

Added KittyBall art, first test of texturing the ground with custom tiles:

Figured out how to fill the ground in with OpenGL ES polygons. This method is fragile and had to be replaced later:

Filled the sky with a nice blue gradient:

Fixed the ground fill, added cute background clouds on a parallaxed scrolling layer:

Experiment with tinting the sky to match the time of day, pulled for final version:

KittyBall shoots stars out when he bonks the ground:

Added a sun in the background, as well as a rotating sky tint (that's what broke the ground filling), also pictured is the "you are tapping the screen" spiral, which looks like ass (because I made it), so it's also gone in the final version:

First pass at adding a DogCube enemy to chase you.  Thanks random dog image I found online! :

Playing around with adding some kind of rain or snow effect.  Didn't like the look or additional visual complexity, eventually pulled for final:

DogCube achieves full cuteness:

Added indicator to show how close DogCube is to getting you, and signs to mark your progress through the level:

Improved the sign:

Added placeholder background mountains, more parallaxed layers:

Mountains get cute upgrade:

Added more ground tiles, pause button:

(June 6, 2010)
Hey, it's the moon!  Sign is fixed to match overall look and feel: