Friday, November 21, 2008

Updating the iPhone

(pop) I'm updating my (pop) iPhone to firmware version 2.2 for the "improved Safari" features and some of the se(pop)curity fixes and iTunes decides that disabling my fucking phone for an hour isn't enough, it has to annoy (pop) the shit out of me by putting itself on top of all my other windows every few seconds. Thanks a fucking lot, it's not like I wanted to get (pop) any WORK done on MY computer (which is now temporarily Apple's).

Who the fuck coded this? S(pop)omewhere deep in the code, there must be a delay loop that says "hey, it's been 10 seconds, time to be (pop) FUCKING ANNOYING now."

Each of these (pop)s is seriously (pop) another time the window popped up just while I was typing this.

Fucking Apple.