Monday, November 2, 2009


Today I found out that in order to have your OpenGL app run on all iPhones and iPod Touches, it has to be OpenGL ES 1.1. I'm not really sure why Apple is pushing OpenGL 2.0. I guess they have plans to phase out the old version and encourage developers to create games and graphics-intensive apps that only run on the newest hardware.

I've heard about Flash on the iPhone, but I remain skeptical. Business models that have the option for a third party to "flip a switch" and ban them make me nervous. And yes, I realize the irony of saying that as an iPhone developer, but I think Apple has less incentive to block a random app than to block Flash->iPhone development.

Jeff LeMarche's take on Flash on iPhone

My friend's company's app got approved today! MMA Underground (iTunes link)

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