Saturday, September 11, 2010

How to make a terrible landing page

I'm interested in advertising Kittyball to help promote it to a broader audience than "people who search kitty in the App Store and scroll waaay down", so I was looking to spend a few hundred dollars on ads. I happened to see an ad on Gamasutra for GAO, so I clicked it. Here's what I got:

Admire the graphs! Gaze in awe at the pile of logos! Marvel at screenshots of tables! Apply for GAO advertiser account!


Why should I apply if I have no idea what I'll get?

So I sent GAO this email with their "contact us" form:
RE: GAO: your landing page sucks :(

I clicked an ad banner for your site from Gamasutra ( )
and *nothing* on the landing page tells me why I should do business with
you. What will it cost me? What benefits will I get? Why are you better
than your competitors? I have no idea!

I see that you've got some reach, but I have no frame of reference for that
so I don't care.
You've got some clients, but they're not me, so I don't care.
You've got "cutting edge functionality" but I don't care.
I can apply for an account, but why?
and they helpfully replied with:
Good day,

We are pleased to have confirmation that our landing page only appeals to
people who care.

Best Wishes,

Valera Koltsov
Game Advertising Online
Thanks guys! Guess I'll take my money elsewhere!

A good landing page should directly tell the viewer what benefits they will receive. A good landing page answers the question of "why should I give you my money?"

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Sarah said...

While we're complaining about their landing page, it's worth noting that their charts and graphs could really use a little more context and explanation. I'm sure the people who chose those charts for the front page had looked af them a thousand times and could interpret them easily at a glance, but I suspect the same is not true of their target demographic. A simple one-sentence description would suffice.