Monday, March 8, 2010

Things I have learned

It is hard to debug UI issues, because you can never tell if that white screen you're looking at is really the widget you think it is, or maybe it didn't load and that's the background, or maybe it loaded and it's just colored entirely white, or maybe something white is on top of it, or maybe your code is in an infinite loop and it erased the last UI element, but hasn't loaded the new one.


I got the phone taking a picture without any of the camera interface crap, and saved it to memory. Now to take a million photos and save them all.

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Ted said...

You will learn that someUIViewSubclass.backgroundColor = [UIColor redColor]; and someUIViewSubclass.backgroundColor = [UIColor clearColor]; are both your best friend.

Also always double check you set the component's frame to both non-zero width / height and on the screen.