Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Project

I have started a project to create a site for developers and designers to share and collaborate on UI mockups and designs.

In the past, I have found it extremely frustrating to work on UI design with the current tools available.  Trading zips of files through email and giant PDFs of mockup screens on shared storage are terrible ways to work.

It's hard to keep track of different versions.
It's hard to keep track of comments everyone has made.
It's hard for more than 2 people to be involved in the process.
It's hard to highlight changes.

I'm going to solve all of those problems.


calbaker said...

Let me know when you figure this out. Engineers could benefit from this as well. It would be applicable to writing technical papers.

Blake Householder said...

I have mostly decided to abandon this already. There's a million of these services, and I realized I could better spend my time elsewhere.