Saturday, February 27, 2010


I have switched to primarily developing an app that will let people share sketches in a more... asynchronous way. I now have an app that I can scribble a white line on. Woo!

Hilton has agreed to work with me on our iSketch clone, and I think we'll get a lot accomplished, I'll be doing server dev, marketing, support, and some client-side, and he will do the majority of client-size.

I think that a major mistake many app developers make is to follow these three steps:
1) produce quality app
2) ???
3) profit!

Except when 3 never materializes, they blame anything and anyone for it. "The app store is broken!" "Apple is fucking us again!" "The users don't appreciate quality apps!" "Rargh!" Step 2 is actually marketing. If you took the best product in the world and stuck it on a random shelf at Wal-Mart, you could expect only a handful of sales, at best. This is what you're doing on the App Store.

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