Thursday, January 8, 2009


This sign up process is great way of indicating the steps you'll need to take, and that you'll need to pay at the end. (I really hate sites that never mention payment until you've filled out multiple pages of forms, only to be hit with a card card info screen)

from ShoutNow

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Molly Butters said...

Hi Angry-
Thanks for your post and for your interest in ShoutNow. By far, our primary interest is developing a super simple UI so I wanted to respond to your feedback. While the 3 boxes that appear on the home page are not fully interactive, we hope that the following text is clearly visible prior to executing the first two steps: "ShoutCalc will let you know how much your shout costs. Click the 'Pay and ShoutNow Button' and your shout is on its way" Below is the pay button and the credit card images.
Also available on the website is a pricing tab with more information on costs associated with recording and sending a shout:

We welcome your feedback and encourage our users to help us improve our site and service as much as possible, especially during these early days of our Friends and Family Beta phase.
Thanks for your support!

Molly Butters for ShoutNow
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